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So You Want To Be an Affiliate

So You Want To Be an Affiliate

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     Affiliate marketing is greatly promoted on the internet as the answer to newfound wealth.

When in reality almost ninety percent that join up as an affiliate earn less than a hundred dollars a month. The Affiliate marketer isnt hurting though, because everything they offered was geared to make sure they always win.

Its best to remember that the ninety percent who are receiving little value financially are the financial life blood of the marketer. They purposely design their website "squeeze" page to lure the gullible into believing in the dream of making lots of easy money. Offering free this and free that to help make the small investment required seem like a real deal. Now in all fairness there is the ten percent that achieve that higher income. However, they succeed because they know its a highly competitive arena and understand what internet marketing practices it takes to succeed.

Many times, the more successful affiliate marketers offer a free website as part of their road to wealth package. Oh, they keep their word all right. They will provide easy access to getting a domain name, web hosting, and the installation of the free website. However, its usually a one-page website designed and optimized to benefit the affiliate marketer, not the new affiliate.

On top of that the marketers dont care if the new sign up understands what he is doing. Theres no "Before You Start" manual offered explaining established internet marketing technique. Even the hosting, which is an additional cost, is often also owned by the affiliate marketer.

Those ten percent who are doing will either have enough capital to have well designed websites made or know how to make one themselves. To succeed as an affiliate, you must have a good website.

In order for an affiliate to earn income from their new one-page website they need one crucial thing. Customers! And on the internet, that only happens if you get "traffic".

This is when the small investment ends and the novice finds out that they have to again dig deep into their wallet. To make things worse, most free websites have the HTML code search engine optimized to benefit the affiliate marketer.

The internet newbie doesnt realize this having no understanding of the mechanics of websites. Also, even though they have access to the websites control panel, its meaningless.

They have no way of making changes to their advantage unless they already own, and know how to use an HTML editor, which most folks usually dont. The novice affiliate is pretty much forced to use pay per click advertising to generate any traffic to their sight causing again more drain on the finances.

The point being made here is that being an affiliate can be very profitable but its not an accident. Anyone who wishes to improve their income by being an affiliate needs to be patient and do their homework.

Dont be sucked in by promises of wealth. One doesnt have to be a webmaster, but they do need to understand how affiliate marketing works. There are hundreds of digital eBooks and paperbacks available to assist one on their research in this area. There are also reputable software products that are specifically designed to assist the new affiliate in their endeavor to be more profitably productive.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of the American dream of moving on up. Go for it. Just be careful, so that when all is said and done, it doesnt end up being an expensive nightmare instead of a dream come true.



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