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How To Advance From A “newbie” To A Full-fledged Affiliate Marketer

How To Advance From A “newbie” To A Full-fledged Affiliate Marketer

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     When was the first time you heard about “affiliate marketing”?

Well you are right at least one person discovers about “affiliate marketing” daily.

Similarly everyday at least one person goes back to the drawing board scratching his head and trying to understand why he has not achieved the success that he has hoped for in “affiliate marketing”.

Whether you are a newbie or a yet-to-succeed person in “affiliate marketing” I would like to share some concepts with you that might make all the differences in the world to your future success.

How to start earning real money?
First let’s look at the two mistakes that beginners’ make:

1. Lack of focus hence promoting many products at the same time and

2. Giving up too soon.
These are related and in fact are self-reinforcing.

Further elaboration as follows:

Lack of Focus

Experienced affiliate marketers are capable of promoting several products of different mix at the same time. This is because they had already learned and applied certain fundamental skills and have developed a working system for themselves which will bring in sales consistently.

However promoting different products at the same time is strongly not recommended for a beginner. As a beginner you re still learning the skills of dos and don ts. You need to understand what works and what doesn t. In short you need a clearly defined testing ground – and this means limiting your promotion to just one product when you first begin. For each product promotion that you undertake you need to take note of the variables such as traffic generation conversion rates advertising response rates etc. So you wouldn’t want to confuse yourself with many variables in every product promotion you undertake. So how much data do you want to juggle? A lot of beginners are caught by this. They try to juggle all the information at once get overwhelmed by it and finally give up.

Giving Up Too Soon
Obviously when you have information overload the next logical thing is to raise your hands to surrender.

Stay cool don’t despair! You can turn the situation to your favor if you are committed to the following:

1. ONE niche market
2. ONE product from that market

3.ONE product as your testing ground in order to solidify your skills as an affiliate marketer. Then you can learn the ropes to promote that ONE product as an affiliate:

• How to generate traffic
• How to capture subscribers to your opt-in list for just one product
• How to write advertisements and promotional materials
• How to track your advertising links and conversion rates

After which you can apply the knowledge to additional products in different markets.

The key is to build gradually to get some real results.

In summary if you follow the concepts listed above you should see an increase in your commissions! And most importantly you can throw away that newbie label for the title of: Successful Affiliate Marketer!



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