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Three Mistakes All New Affiliates Make

     Hi, my name is Curtis Bittorf. When I first started my home business, I knew nothing about running a successful online business. I made a lot of mistakes, because I did not have the proper tools or the direction from someone to help me run a home business. Be aware of all the those programs out there that give you a free website, because everyone will have the exact same site that you do. What this means to you is that you'll never ever get traffic to your site or ranked in search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo.This is the number one reason so many home businesses fail online!The biggest mistake the at home entrepreneur makes is thinking the size of the internet alone will drive their business.

You need to differentiate your home business from the rest of your competition. How do I go about this you ask? Its quite simple, but it does take a little time and effort on your part.

To make your home business different, you must first get a domain name. This lets everyone know you're legit. If you use your free Url, (for example,, the search engines will not recognize you. Get your own domain name, and to make it even better, try to use words in your domain that match your site.

Search engines love this, for example, if your home business is a hardware store it would look something like this: The second important thing you need is a web hosting site that can offer you more freedom. You need a web hosting site that allows you to make simple changes. These changes include how your site looks,the wording you use and the ability to upload images or content to your site.

Now there is one more thing we need to discuss. You can have the best looking website or the greatest products on this planet but if you don't get traffic to your home page you will not succeed. You need to get links to your site and you can do this with a automatic link submitter or manually. Getting as many links as you can is so important to your success. More links equals more traffic, and traffic is your goal.

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