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Private Label Rights & Affiliate Marketing: Fast Profits!

     Are you new to private label rights, Internet Marketing or are you unsure of what to do, or where and how to begin with any of wide options available? You’ve probably heard of Internet Marketers making lots of money online, but you don’t have the talent to write and create information products or make crafts. You’re not a programmer so you don’t know how to develop killer application software.

You can’t get into wholesale and reselling designer shoes, handbags and other fashion items because you don’t have a whole lot of money to invest. Believe it or not, you’re perfect for affiliate marketing!

You can make money of off other people’s products or services by becoming an affiliate marketer. You may not have your own product or service, but there are others out there who do exceptionally well and they’re willing to give you commissions in exchange for promoting their materials. Many companies and small business owners use affiliate marketing to sell their products for them. They provide graphics and text advertisements that affiliates can use for promoting their products or services.

You can also get private label rights and PLR content. These are the simplest and fastest way to stamp your name and market information without being an actual writer or a published author! The services are all over the Internet, but caution with the high fees.

Going back to the affiliate option, as an affiliate, you will have your own unique code or link that serves to identify you as the affiliate who made the sale of a specific affiliate marketing product.

Most affiliates today are called “publishers” because many of them have their own sites or blogs where they are promoting other people’s products. As a publisher, you can choose from the thousands of affiliate programs available and you can even devote an entire site or blog towards “pre-selling” specific products. When someone who visits your site or blog clicks on your affiliate link and buys from the merchant you’re an affiliate with a new commission. You get paid your commissions based on the terms set by the merchant.

How much money you’ll make as an affiliate depends on the commissions offered by the different merchants. For instance, someone selling a $50 e-book may offer 75% commission for every sale. Diamond merchants generally offer between 8% and 12% commission on the sale price, so you can make a handsome amount on a $5,000 diamond ring or a $10,000 bracelet.

Then there are merchants such as mortgage brokers and credit card companies that will pay you a fixed sum for referring qualified contacts or leads. There are also companies that offer continuing commissions if customers purchase membership with recurring billing (and remain a member) from your affiliate link.

Some affiliate programs have unusual terms and conditions. For instance, there are merchants who are willing to pay commissions of up to 200% of the sale price of the product. There are others that offer tiered commission structures wherein you also make a commission from sales brought in by a person who signs up as an affiliate via your affiliate link. Some companies offer tiers that are four or five levels deep.

In resume, start as an affiliate marketer advertising other people products or go the simplest and easy way with your own pen name by using private label rights and PLR content if you don’t have that mile budget, upload the site to the Internet and your kiss your competition goodbye by being persistent and constantly searching for more traffic opportunities!

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