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RSS Feeds feed your website with fresh content.

     First let’s understand what RSS is which “Rich Site Summary” is, it can be also known as “Really Simple Syndication”. This is a fairly recent development within the Web Marketing business it can be used as a method of promoting your website and generating the all important traffic required to make your online business a success.

This is how it works a brief summary. A website owner wants to share his content to other websites. The website owner places the content in an RSS document and registers this with a website that provides RSS Feeds.

The content can be anything including articles, blog posts, headlines and general web content that the originator wishes to share across the web.

Because it is easy to do distribute content quickly in this manner you can generate unique web traffic which can assist your online business. The key elements in successful RSS usage are in marketing is to make your RSS feed unique, exciting it must grab the attention of the reader it also should be something that someone would pass onto others.

By creating exciting content RSS feeds it is possible to generate tremendous amounts of traffic. Exciting content is what people thrive on. Everyone loves the latest gossip or technology the latest gadgets reviews can be a very useful in generating good traffic.

You must consider the content of your RSS feeds carefully as this can be the most important element in terms of traffic generation. Put yourself in the person who may read this article or content and find the best clear presentation of your information.

If you write a large article consider splitting it into parts as people like small chunks of information the magic is to create good content of around 500 to 600 words is the target to go for if you have written something of 1500 words then people’s attention span tends to drop off.

The main aim is to deliver your link to your website or the product that you are promoting if the article is too long then you will find that the reader has turned off and does not click on the vital link.

One of the marketing methods recently used is to add blog comments the problem with this now is you have to post good comments and that they are still subjected to spam filter which is good and bad. If you’re comment is regarded as spam you can find your website banned.

Some of the larger search engines are experimenting with blog spam protection and can easily capture you’re site as one of them also it can be used as a malicious weapon in terms of spamming your rival site to get them knocked out of the search engine.

The next few months will see many changes in the world of RSS feeds and blog comments so it’s tricky time. The world of internet marketing is a constant flux of tactics some considered legal some not it’s not easy to get the best current advice on what is acceptable.

By placement of good RSS feeds and keeping an eye on the content you are receiving will be the best defence against being a targeted by search engine spiders that are looking for duplicate content and spammed blog comments.

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