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How To Survive In Affiliate Marketing

     If you have never before joined an affiliate program then you may be missing out on the best way to make money online. However, affiliate marketing has become more competitive due to its popularity. Here are a few simple tips to surviving in this highly profitable industry.

1) Offer free reports to your opt-in list. If possible, try very hard to position these at the very top of your page so they cannot be missed. If you keep these in this spot, you will be tapping into their minds causing them to think even more about your affiliate product. Besides, it is free and will not cause any harm to their wallets. Be sure to focus on important points like how your product can make life easier and more enjoyable. Include attention grabbing subject lines in the email. Try very hard to avoid using the word free. This is due to the fact that there are spam filters which dump those kinds of contents into the garbage before anyone can see them. Convince them that they will be missing important urgent information if they do not read it.

2) Create a different webpage for each product. Try to avoid clumping all of it together just to save some money. It is best to have a site focusing on each and every product. Visitors to these sites will see that you are a professional based on the way they are set up. This can also even build their trust towards your product. Always include product reviews on the website so that visitors will have an understanding on what the product can do when they purchase it. It is also imperative that you include testimonials from users who have already bought the product. Be sure that these customers are more than willing to allow you to use their names and photos with the product you are promoting. Visitors will see that other experts are satisfied with the results. You can also write articles which go into more depth on the specifications of the product. Make the pages attractive compelling and include a call to action. Each headline for the articles should attract the readers to read even further.

3. Make sure to get targeted traffic. If you get visitors who are interested in buying a car and you are selling cancer research e-books, then it is total waste of time. A very easy way to get targeted traffic is to write articles and submit them to article directories. The articles will be used by others who find them interesting and soon enough, your name and product will be all over the web. This is also an excellent way to build even more trust. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing may be easy, so there is a lot of competition. In order to survive, you must fine tune your skills and constantly stay on top of your specified niche. You can even do a search to find even more ways to survive in the affiliate marketing industry. Remember to always keep in touch with your subscribers. Copyright 2007 Donald Mckenzie Jr

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How To Get Rich Using Affiliate Programs

     Affiliate programs have been around for a very long time online. Many people have been successful creating home based businesses strictly ad affiliate marketers. Here is a small list of tips to becoming rich and wealthy as an affiliate marketer.

1) Browsing through many possibilities. Search for affiliate programs with your favorite search engines. Look for affiliate programs that include products that interest you. For example if you are interested in body building supplements, then look for those products first. Do not start with promoting internet business programs just because they pay a high commission. Try to stick to products that you have a great deal of knowledge in.

2) Create a landing page. Design a simple landing page to boost the product’s worth before sending visitors to the actual sales page. Keep in mind that you do not want to frighten the customer with prices and payment options right away. None of them have any clue as to who you are. Many times when someone buys from the internet they are going to look for similar products before they make a final decision. If they come to your landing page and it is created well, it is much easier to make a sale. The landing page you have designed can have testimonials, which you can borrow from the same sales page. It can also contain your own experience about the product. You can use before and after results for describing the benefits of the product. You can also use photographs of yourself using the product successfully. This adds instant credibility to the product you want to promote.

3) Capture emails for future sales. When visitors reach your personalized landing page, you must have a system to capture their names and email addresses. By capturing an email address, you can follow up with your subscribers later on by using newsletters or product features. The best way to capture an email address is to provide a free gift related to the affiliate product. The best advice for a free gift is an e-book related to the product. Once you find a few affiliate programs that suite your taste, you need to know how to successfully succeed with them. Here are tips to mastering affiliate marketing.

1) Try to support you competitors. This may sound a bit awkward, but it will pay off in the long run. It is a proven fact that too many affiliate programs compete against their competitors and end up wasting money. This puts a lot affiliate marketers out of business. On the other hand, if you are part of an affiliate program, the more affiliates the better for getting more information and sales. One of the worst things to do is choose an affiliate program that believes in competing against other affiliates. Choose an affiliate program that agrees with supporting other affiliates to have a larger network and access to more affiliates.

2) Small ineffective rewards. Another mistake people make when choosing affiliate programs is choosing a program that offers little reward for their hard work. Many affiliate programs pay tiny commissions and as a result, affiliates find it difficult to make the money they feel they deserve. Look for an affiliate program that has a great level of commission for your hard work.

3) Keep up to date with statistics. Keep in mind that you want an affiliate program that offers real time statistics. Outdated statistics are invalid and can throw many affiliate marketers off. Do your best to find an affiliate program that offers the best details and statistics.

4) The affiliate creator offers little support. Too often affiliates find themselves waiting days for an answer to an e-mail on an important question for their business. You want to choose an affiliate program that guarantees you support all day every day. If this is not the case, keep looking for an affiliate program that wants to help you succeed. Affiliate programs can be highly beneficial to any home based business plan. The steps mentioned above are designed to help anyone to dominate and make a fortune online. Always keep an eye on your performance and keep pulling visitors to your site. Copyright 2007 Donald Mckenzie Jr

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